Thursday, April 27, 2017

{ Welcome to Ironclad Ranch! }

WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! Well, technically we bought a house in September of last year, but we did it!

Welcome to IRONCLAD RANCH, Our humble abode! We not live on a 3.3 acre plot of unrestricted land in a very rural area of town. We are further away from downtown than we are use to but we are adjusting. Honestly, it's nice to get away from all the hubbub and just relax and unplug.

As for the Ranch we have big plans. So far we have chickens, 9 laying hens and 1 rooster to be exact. We plan to but up a dividing fence behind the house, in order to divide the property into two sections, the front half for family recreation and the back half for our homesteading/animal pens. Eventually we plan on getting a cow (for milking and meat purposes), Turkeys, a garden with fruits/veggies/herbs and K wants a goat. I must confess I am not to keen on the goat idea but we will see where this homestead adventure takes us!

Turning the property into a homestead has been proving itself a challenge. The owners before us did nothing with this property, minimal cleaning a maintenance, so much so that the first 4 months of us living here we were non-stop cleaning the yard and updating things that were borderline "working". Luckily K was able to rock out a few chicken pens so we had safe homes for our new chicks, that are now 6 months old.
We can't wait to get this place in order and share all the progress right here!
This blog will contain a lot of different topics, the sky is the limit!